Period Injective Patch Ha Set 8 Pairs

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Phase Injective Patch HA Set: Injective Patch HA four pairs + SS Sheet four pairs Hyaluronic acid is injected straight into the skin. Eye patch as well as mouth patch where aproximatelly thousand micro needles are placed. For moisturized skin with discerning moisture & microneedles. To result in plump and fresh skin. Period is distinct about supplying beauty ingredients not just on the epidermis surface area but additionally deep into the stratum corneum. By making use of the microneedle technology that's been introduced at medical websites. It's become easy to provide hyaluronic acid straight to the full component of the stratum corneum. together with the day skin, to the perfect skin you've been seeking. Unscented, paraben free, uncolored, patch analyzed. How you can make use of: Use after hydrating with lotion in advance. When dampness, engine oil, etc. stay on the epidermis surface area, gently press with a tissue. Peel off the spot from the transparent movie together with the brown sticker, and judge the place to place while checking out the mirror. When adding to the eyes, be sure the roof of the patch is no less than 5mm from the eyes. Place the repairing sheet on the spot and paste it out of the internal aspect of the patch. Keep the sheet vertically with the entire finger of yours until you are feeling a tingling sensation. Leave it on for a minimum of forty five minutes. Peel off the sheet and also, in case the gel is still, wipe it all with cotton soaked in product.

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