Remoist Bayu Horse Oil Rich Cream 30G

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Skin of the following morning after painting differs. To a formidable basic skin. Persistent and moist. Face as well as hand skin protection. Supplement oil ingredient horse engine oil, squalane formulation. Horse petroleum originated in China is actually liked as an essential item for skin that is rough as healthy gas that is well-known to the epidermis since age-old times. Well-known to the epidermis, great in moisturizing power. Protect skin preventing drying. Keep skin in good health. Stop skin that is rough. It creates freshness as well as firmness to the skin of yours. How you can use: Take pearl feed dimensions with the fingertips of yours and allow it to meet on the epidermis of yours. Particularly when the drying is terrible, suggest massage for lots of fingertips. Use it confront and hands.

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